Society for the Management of Autism Related issues in Training, Education and Resources 

- Brunei Darussalam (Member of World Autism Organisation and ASEAN Autism Network)

            Autism is  not a stigma but   an ENIGMA                                             

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About Us

SMARTER Brunei focuses only on ASD subscribe to the Malay Muslim Monarchy concept, (MIB) in our Unique Extended Family Culture where 3 generations in each family lives in one house. We support the Family of IWA from childhood to old age in a Seamless Journey To Independence through out their natural life.


Is a Family support for Family with IWA. It started on 9th Sept 2001. We have 3 centres for early intervention, continuous Education and Adult with a total of 88 Families. As an NGO exclusively for Autism, we have met the APQI, New York 2001, The Human Right's Charter of Europe and is at Par with UK's Best services.


Our mission in SMARTER Brunei is to give the E.D.G.E. (EDUCATE, DEVELOP, GROW AND EMPOWER) to Individual With Autism to be an INDEPENDENT, CONTRIBUTING and PRODUCTIVE member through INCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENT in the Society

Contact Us

If you have any question or simply want to talk directly to us.. contact us at the following details... ASD Intervention Centre - Sengkurong Jalan Sengkurong "A" Kampung Sengkurong BG1121 Negara Brunei Darussalam

Tel/Fax +6732661830 or

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